How to Hack/Install 6.XX PRO-C for All PSP models

OK guys this will be a tutorial how to install 6.XX PRO-C in all models

Step1: Now first plug your psp to your PC or Mac.then download the 6.6O PRO -C to your PC (Same to to 6.20,6.35,6.39)

Step2: Open the File then you will see for 6.35 doesn’t have a cipl flasher the 6.60 and 6.39 have it but 6.20 has permanent   patch now drag the PRO UPDATE and FAST RECOVERY to your PSP>GAME folder……..                                                                          {6.39 and 6.60 CIPL Flasher is for PSP 1000 and 2000 hackable models ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

Step3: Go to your PSP then go to game>memory stick then you will see pro update run that then it said X to install and triangle to uninstall. Press x then it will flash all the prxs…………………..

Step4: Finished but when you Shutdown (holding the ON/OFF button for long time) or If the battery dies              (not sleep) your psp then it will boot to OFW when you turn it ON you need the fast recovery for that to go to CFW quickly.



Thanks for reading…………………….

watch the tutorial:  6.XX PRO-C Install All Models

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